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2015-08-31 Centered popover on the iPad

Below is a nice centered popover on the iPad:


You can do this by configuring the segue in Interface Builder by:

  • (obviously) configuring as "Present As Popover"
  • Uncheck all directions
  • Set the anchor to the main view of the view controller

This is in Xcode 6.4:

xcode popover.png

It also nicely shifts up when the keyboard appears:


2015-08-27 Swift Switch must be exhaustive

In Swift, the switch/case statement must contain a default case, otherwise you'll get the following compiler error:

    Switch must be exhaustive, consider adding a default clause

We used to put a non-sensical log statement in there, but today, a colleague found out that you can use the break keyword.


	switch (self.type!.integerValue) {
	case CustomerTypeNormal.integerValue:
		name = "\(self.lastname?.lowercaseString.capitalizedString), \(self.firstname?.lowercaseString.capitalizedString)"
	case CustomerTypeCrew.integerValue:
		name =  "Crew"
	case CustomerTypeAnonymous.integerValue:
		name = "Anonymous"

2015-08-27 Open underlying SQLite database when using Core Data

During development of an app using Core Data, you often want to have a quick peep in the underlying SQLite store. Paste the following bit somewhere in your AppDelegate:

	// Log path (to manually open SQLite database) when in simulator. In the File -> Open dialog of
	// SQLPro for SQLite, type Shift-CMD-G and paste this path
		let path = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(.DocumentDirectory, .UserDomainMask, true).last! as! String
		println("Documents folder: \(path)")

You can use the commandline sqlite client, but I like SQLPro for SQLite. Start your app, copy the string from the console in Xcode, then go to SQLPro and click the Open button. In the dialogue, type Shift-Cmd-G and you can paste the path of the Document folder of your currently running app. You can then open the SQLite database and peek inside.

2015-08-21 lastPathComponent is unavailable

You may get something like the following error when you open your Swift code in Xcode 7 beta:

  'lastPathComponent' is unavailable: Use lastPathComponent on NSString instead.

Solution is to do something like this:

  let lastPathComponent = (fileName as NSString).lastPathComponent

2015-08-07 Swift Reflect example

Halfway last month, Erica Sadun wrote a blog entry where she used the reflect() function: Swift: Just because

She just gave the code and didn't comment any further so below, I've liberally sprinkled the code with comments:

	// Define a struct to represent a point
	struct Pt {
		let x: Int
		let y: Int
		init(_ x: Int, _ y: Int) {self.x = x; self.y = y}
		init(){self.init(0, 0)}
	// Declare an instance of Pt
	let p = Pt(2, 3)
	// Any means: any reference (i.e. class) or value type (i.e. struct, number, etc)
	// So this function will take an item that can be basically anything in Swift
	// and look through the names of its members to see if the string matches.
	func valueForKey(item : Any, key: String) -> Any? {
		// The built-in Swift reflect() function is used by Xcode to aid in debugging
		let mirror = reflect(item)
		// It returns an array, walk through it
		for index in 0..<mirror.count {
			// Each item in the array has a member called 0 and 1
			// This assignment is only there for readability's sake
			let child = mirror[index]
			// The .0 member is a string and it holds the name of our struct member
			if key == child.0 {
				// The .1 member holds information about our struct member
				// If it's not an optional, return its value with the .value property
				return child.1.value
		return nil
	// Try it out
	valueForKey(p, "x")

Instead of using the valueForKey() function, you can also open a Playground and try out a few things yourself:

	let mirror = reflect(p)

swift reflect.png


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