Turn off beep

To turn off the beep in several applications:

For bash and other readline applications, create a new file $HOME/.inputrc and put the following line in it:

  set bell-style visible

This can also be done system-wide in /etc/inputrc.

For gnome-terminal, go to the menubar Edit -> Current Profile. In the tab General, remove the check before the option Terminal bell. Click Close.

For Firefox, go to about:config, search for option accessibility.typeaheadfind.enablesound and set it to false.

For Thunderbird, go to menu Edit, Preferences, General and remove the check from the "Play a Sound" option.

For less, put the following line in your $HOME/.bashrc:

  export LESS="-Q"

For vi, put the following line in your $HOME/.vimrc:

  set visualbell

Some GTK apps, such as Pidgin and XChat, beep when you make an error during input (example: press backspace in an empty input field). To disable this, put the following line in your $HOME/.gtkrc-2.0 or $HOME/.gtkrc.mine:

  gtk-error-bell = 0