Printing to a Océ 8445

When working at client X, we have a big Océ 8445. If you're using RedHat Linux, just look up its hostname or IP address. Then start the printer configuration (RedHat menu → System Settings → Printers) add a new printer with queue type Networked Unix (LPD). In the server address, type its hostname. In the Queue, type raw. As the printer driver, don't select a manufacturer but leave it on "Generic" and choose "PostScript Printer".

Mozilla Firebird prints at Postscript Level 3. This Océ does not support that and will print an error sheet with some technical garbage. If you use RedHat or Fedora, just start up the printer configuration tool, edit the printer, go to the fifth tab (Driver Options) and turn on the option Prerender Postscript.

Works like a charm, but not all options are available. If you want more options: Océ also offers a PPD file. Go to the drivers section, select the 8445 and pick the "Drivers: PPD Files Océ 8400" option. The resulting .EXE file can be unzipped with the unzip utility that comes with your RedHat installation. With the resulting PPD file you can enable some applications to give you an advanced print dialog. For example, OpenOffice. Make sure you've added the printer as described in the previous section, and that you've unpacked the archive from the Océ website. Start the Printer Administration either via the menu or on the commandline with spadmin. Click New Printer, choose printer and click Import. Navigate to the directory where you unpacked the archive. Click OK, and choose the Océ 8445. Click OK. Now it's added to the list of drivers. Select it and click Next. Choose the commandline which mentions the short name you configured in the previous section. Click Finish. Now you can use almost all options when printing from any of the OpenOffice applications!