Easy logging in


To make my Red Hat Linux virtual consoles a little more userfriendly, I adapted the mingetty package to remember the last login by writing it to file /etc/std_login. When logging in again, the last loginname is shown between brackets. Entering nothing i.e. just pressing enter will use that last loginname. This is useful when you use a laptop or personal computer, but decreases security since a login name is provided, so USE WITH CARE!

And since this stuff is only barely tested, use this at your own risk! As the Mozilla people say: there is no guarantee that this won't fry your processor, insult your mother, or cause you to break out in a nasty rash.

Since it adapts your /etc/inittab (and makes a backup), you need to reboot to let the RPM installation take effect.


RPM, tested with RedHat 8 and 9: std mingetty-1.00-1.i386.rpm

Source RPM: std mingetty-1.00-1.src.rpm

Tarball, not tested at all: std mingetty-1.00.tar.gz