2022-03-03 Xcode Dependencies could not be resolved

Today, Xcode gave me the following error:

    Dependencies could not be resolved because root depends on 'customerkit' 13.0.0..<14.0.0 and root depends on 'customerkit' 11.0.0..<12.0.0.

The project had built correctly, then I wanted to edit code in a package so I added it as a local package.

The error was confusing to me, because it specifies that root (which means the current project, I assume) depends on both version 11.x and 13.x which is obviously not the case. So what this error message actually means, is: you added a local package, and both the main project and your local package rely on the same package (customerkit in this case), but they require different versions.

The fact that the error twice mentions "root depends on xxx", is thus wrong. If you get it, select your project in the left navigation, select the project again in the middle pane, select the Package Dependencies and look up the version of the dependency. In my case, that was CustomerKit, version "11.0.1 - Next Major". Now for the other packages, check their own dependencies and make sure these are equal.