2016-05-26 Printing on a Kyocera FS2020D from OS X

Here's how you can install a Kyocera FS2020D printer on OS X.

First, download and install the driver: https://www.kyoceradocumentsolutions.co.uk/index/products/download_centre.false.driver.FS2020D._.EN.html#MAC This will cause an additional icon to appear in the System Properties app. It's labeled "Select PDL". You can ignore it.

If you have the hostname or IP address of the printer, great. If not, find out the IP address of the printer as follows. On the printer, press the menu button, then arrow right and arrow down. The display should say "status page". Press OK and a single status page is printed. It'll mention a couple of things, but most importantly its IP address.

On OS X, in System Preferences, go to Printers & Scanners, add a printer with the plus button, go to the second tab and fill in the IP address. Set protocol to Line Printer Daemon.

That should be all you have to do. If you wish, adjust the name, then click the Add button.

Happy printing.