2016-04-28 USB speakers

Since ages, I've had these Logitech V20 speakers (serial number S-0155A) which get both their power and their audio over USB:


There are a couple of awesome things about these:

Until recently, people would ask me where to get these. But unfortunately they long since went out of stock everywhere and you'd have to rely on the second-hand market. But lately I found out that Logitech makes a new model that strictly uses USB for both audio and power: the Logitech S150.


Edit 2016-11-28: a colleague pointed me to other speakers that are hooked up via USB only:

Edit 2016-12-07: I've tested the Logitech S150 and they're not comparable in sound quality to the old v20 speakers. I'd only advise these as a step up from laptop speakers.