2016-02-14 Cleaning the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

I've always been a fan of the Microsoft ergonomic keyboards. They offer the best keyboards in the "ergonomic" category for their price. The Sculpt Ergonomic got a great review from Marco Arment and I totally agree with Mr. Arment on all points.

Recently however, I spilled some tea-with-milk on the keyboard. It was really just a sip, and it hit the right Alt key. But somehow gravity took that liquid and ran it down to the arrow keys and the backspace button. I opened the keyboard but unfortunately it's a scissor-switch keyboard where the rubber keypad cannot be reached. It's backed by an metal underside that is melted to the top case of the keyboard. See the picture below; the black dots are studs whose tops have been melted flat.

MS Sculpt Ergonomic 1 small.JPG

Larger version: MS Sculpt Ergonomic 1.JPG

However I did succeed in getting it working again!

Prerequisites: I bought a 1 liter (33 oz) bottle of demineralized water and a 125 ml (4 oz) bottle of alcohol.

Then take the following steps:

MS Sculpt Ergonomic 3 small.JPG

Larger version: MS Sculpt Ergonomic 3.JPG

MS Sculpt Ergonomic 4 small.JPG

Larger version: MS Sculpt Ergonomic 4.JPG