2015-03-13 Connecting to Oodrive via FTPS on OS X

For a client, I have to save files to Oodrive. They offer several methods for uploading, one of them being FTPS, i.e. FTP-over-SSL. It turns out it's quite a hassle when you use OS X.

Taking the following steps allowed me to connect.

First install Homebrew as usual, if you haven't yet installed it. Then edit the lftp recipe:

  $ brew edit lftp

Comment out the line that says "--with-openssl" and add a new line saying


Then install this recipe as follows:

  $ brew install --build-from-source lftp

See if you were successful:

  $ lftp -v
  Libraries used: Readline 6.3, Expat 2.0.1, GnuTLS 3.3.13, libiconv 1.11, zlib 1.2.5

Note the final line, where it should say "GnuTLS".

Now add the appropriate settings; create the .lftprc in your home directory, and paste the following lines (courtesy of the Reliable Penguin blog):

  set ftps:initial-prot ""
  set ftp:ssl-force true
  set ftp:ssl-protect-data true

Then, create the .lftp directory and create a file named "bookmarks" with the
following line:

  oodrive ftps://username:password@easyftp.oodrive.com:990/your/directory/here

To test the result, start lftp on the commandline and type "open oodrive",
then type "ls".

If you see the error "Fatal error: Certificate verification: Not trusted", you may want to add the following line to the .lftp settings file:

  set ssl:verify-certificate no