2013-12-20 Performance test of USB ethernet adapters on OS X

I've got two USB-based network adapters laying around here: the official Apple USB 2 Ethernet Adapter and this USB 3.0 ethernet adapter based on the Asix AX88179 chipset.

Then I connect over a VPN, and use scp to see how much time it takes to pull over a 100 MB test file. With the Apple adapter:

  $ scp testbox:~/tmp/a.log .
  a.log                    100%  100MB   3.0MB/s   00:33

And now with the USB 3 based adapter:

  $ scp testbox:~/tmp/a.log .
  a.log                    100%  100MB   2.9MB/s   00:34

Huh weird, no difference. I'll go and check where the bottleneck lays. VPN? scp?

Not using VPN gives the following result:

  $ scp gateway.company.tld:a.log .
  a.log                    100%  100MB  16.7MB/s   00:06

That's somewhat better. Testing without scp, but with wget instead shows roughly the same number:

  $ wget http://www.company.tld/some_video.mov
  100%[====================>] 126,805,954 16.0MB/s   in 7.6s

Now I test it on a different machine, within the company network:

 $ wget http://www.company.tld/some_video.mov
 100%[====================>] 126,805,954 64.1M/s   in 1.9s

That's better. So the bottleneck is apparently the physical (ethernet) connection I've got, which is VLAN'ed to provide a guest network. Oh well.

Long story short: better check this guy's test results. You should be able to get up to 110 MB/s.