2012-03-29 Extensions to Safari library

I've received the specs for a modification to our software library for the SAFARI project, and after a two-month hiatus, I'm looking again at what's currently present.

What's existing, is basically a script that displays a menu with a bunch of testing options. It's called demuxtest, because it tests the electronics board which we call "the demux board".


The Demux board plays the intermediary role here; all commands are routed through this board to the FEE (front-end electronics) board. If the FEE board isn't present, then it can generate a dummy response for testing purposes.

Zooming in on the electronics, it would look as follows:


You could roughly see the demux board as the digital part, and the rest of this picture as the analog part.

Some visuals

This is our test setup:

demux fee test setup.jpg

The FEE board

This is how the FEE (front end electronics) board looks like:

fee board.jpg

The demux board

This is the demux board:

demux board.jpg