2011-10-05 From iPhone to Android

This is part 8 of my series where I document going from an iPhone to Android 2.3, running on the Samsung Galaxy Gio.

Syncing, it turns out, is a royal pain in the ass with the combination Android and OS X. There's a whole bunch of sub-optimal and incomplete solutions out there. And that's assuming that your mail, calendar, contacts and notes/tasks are synced via your Google account.

Product Pros Cons
doubleTwistFree version available. Syncs music, video's and photos, wireless in the paid version Does not transcode music and resize photos to appropriate size for device. Does not sync (only download) photos.
iTuneMyWalkmanOpen source. Syncs music via iTunes, via a specially-named playlist. iTunes does transcoding if you care for that. Moves pictures to your harddisk, but doesn't sync them.Doesn't sync anything else than music (photos are copied). Thinks thumbnails are also pictures. Doesn't transfer cover art. Transferring takes a long time, a couple of Gb of music causes a twenty-minute "collecting data from iTunes" message.
PicasaSyncs photos wirelessly Forces you to use Picasa web albums

As far as I know, there is no one-stop solution on OS X, unless you use Samsung Kies on OS X, which only supports a limited number of Samsung phones.