2011-09-13 From iPhone to Android

This is part 4 of my series where I document going from an iPhone to Android 2.3, running on the Samsung Galaxy Gio.

Another thing I found out; making screenshots is not something that's universal on all Android phones. It totally depends on the specific phone maker and model. My Gio supports it; holding the back button while pressing the home button will do the trick. For lots of other Android phones, there's no such thing.

Captive bugs

A particularly interesting thing about Android is, that there's an alternative in the Android Market for lots of standard apps. For texting and the calendar app, there are replacements.

That's necessary sometimes, because my Samsung Gio has the Captive "sauce" over the stock Android. There's something weird with the calendar app, where if you add an event, it's added by default to the local calendar. In other words, if you set up the phone to sync to your Google calendar, and you add an event, it doesn't show up on Google. How weird is that? Turns out this is an age-old issue, so after creating the event, you'll have to go back and change the calendar.


A couple of days ago, I got a silicone case for the Gio, but it's not really to my liking so I ordered a hard case on eBay via the Totomagirl seller. This was surprisingly difficult to find. When iPhone cases are all over the place, some Android phones like the Gio clearly aren't that attractive to makers of accessories.

As opposed to the iPhone, it's really easy to swap out the battery of the Samsung Gio. So I also ordered a battery on DealExtreme (the Galaxy Ace and the Gio use the same batteries). The iPhone with its external batteries (or expensive add-on packs) is less than ideal in this regard.