2011-09-06 From iPhone to Android

This is part 2 of my series where I document going from an iPhone to Android 2.3, running on the Samsung Galaxy Gio.

Damnit. When I wake up this morning, something is wrong with the touchscreen. It seems to register touches, but the phone thinks you touched the screen somewhere else. I can't even turn off the phone, because although the power button is a real button at the side of the phone, it asks for confirmation on the screen. After a number of tries, I get it to power off.

That's not good, Samsung. The second day, I have to restart the Gio.

When I cycle to work, I start the media player and realize that there is no album art when you manually sync music to your phone. Which you are forced to do, because the OS X version of Kies doesn't support the Gio. Lifehacker tells me to take a look at DoubleTwist, which I may do later.

One of the weird things about Android is, that you have the home screen as well as the application screen. The home screen contains selected shortcuts to apps, if I can say so, while the application screen contains all apps. Why not just limit it to one screen? There must be some reason, but I haven't found it yet.

The Gio is a real nice, light phone. My iPhone 3G weighs 133 g (4.7 oz), and the Samsung Gio only weighs 102 g (3.6 oz). It's also 1.5mm thinner. Since I remembered dropping my iPhone in the first week after purchase, I ordered a cheap silicone casing on eBay store Cellapod.

Just before dinner, the phone warned me to recharge it, although I hadn't heavily used it. That's okay though, my iPhone 3G is very power hungry as well.

I did a little testdrive to see how the navigation is holding up (quite nicely) and charged the phone using my cheap USB car charger that I used for my iPhone as well. When I came home, the phone wouldn't react to screen touches, and when clicking the home button, a screenshot would be made.

Because the unresponsiveness this morning as well as this evening happened right after charging, I've come to the conclusion that this phone can't handle cheap chargers. I'm going to do some more testing, though.