2009-08-24 Archiving to a branch

Today, I needed to archive and clean up old machines that were used for a project that has reached its end-of-life. These PCs were used in a laboratory setup, controlling custom electronics.

We run our custom lab software on those PCs and the installation is done by checking out a copy of the source, and doing a local compile. Problem is that these machines have been off the network for a while and some local modifications were necessary. While cleaning up, I found that these modifications were not committed to the SVN repository.

In the meantime however, we worked hard on the software and now I cannot just do an update and commit these old modifications. The solution is to create a branch and commit the changes to that branch.

First, find out what the local version is:

 $ svnversion .

We'll make a branch of revision 1150 first. Then we'll check out that branch in another directory:

 $ mkdir ~/tmp
 $ cd ~/tmp
 $ svn copy -r 1150 http://repository.example.com/svn/our_software/trunk \
 Committed revision 2011.
 $ svn co http://repository.example.com/svn/our_software/branch-project-pc0054
 Checked out revision 2011.

Then we'll go to the local copy that was running all the time on this PC, and create a patch of the local version:

 $ cd ~/sw
 $ svn diff > ~/hackwork.patch

Go back to the directory with the newly created branch. Apply that patch to the branch, then commit.

 $ cd ~/tmp/our_software/branch-project-pc0054
 $ patch -p 0 < ~/hackwork.patch
 $ svn ci -m "Archiving local modifications"
 Committed revision 2012.