2007-06-22 Configuring ZABBIX and IPMI

Recently I installed RedHat AS 5 on a PowerEdge 860. For management, we use Zabbix; if you know Nagios then remember that this is supposed to be a more user-friendly replacement. I figured out how to configure Zabbix toread out fan speed, board temperature, etc.

To read out IPMI sensor values with Zabbix (http://www.zabbix.org/) take the following steps:

On the zabbix server, use the web frontend (menu Configuration -> Items) to create a new item "ipmi.planar_temp" of type "ZABBIX Agent (Active)". Type of value is Numeric, unit is C for Celsius.

Go to the zabbix agent machine. Give the zabbix sudo rights (as root, execute "visudo") to execute the ipmitool as root, without a passsword.

Example line to add:

 zabbix ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/ipmitool sdr

Edit the /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf file and add the line (this is one straight line):

 UserParameter=ipmi.planar_temp,sudo ipmitool sdr | grep "Planar Temp" | awk '{print $4}'

Restart the agent:

 # service zabbix_agentd restart

Go to the zabbix server. Restart it (don't know if this is necessary):

 # service zabbix_server restart

Go to the zabbix server web frontend, menu Monitoring -> Latest Data.
Scroll down. The following line should be shown after a minute or so:

 ipmi.planar_temp        22 Jun 08:19:25        26 C

At the end of the line, there's a hyperlink to a pretty stripchart.

You can add new lines as you wish; repeating the steps above. The PE360 doesn't show a whole lot of IPMI information. For interested parties, here is my zabbix_agentd.conf which is a text file:


Note that last line. Basically I count all lines that do NOT end in either 'ok' or 'ns'.

Also note that this is a test setup. The sudo construction could be tighter.