2006-12-07 Electronics interface for Telis

When I want to read out the settings from the electronics boards of the Telis project, I have multiple choices.

That last option actually involves querying the "func" board. This board has ID number 0. It's loaded into the server upon startup and actually runs some Perl code that's defined in the database. The Perl code mostly just maps straight through to settings on other boards, however, this can be used to create a simple interface to the more involved settings.

It's a very flexible setup to control a piece of custom hardware.

What's a bit of a shame is that there are some settings which actually need to be combined. All settings are 16 bits. However, one ADC returns 20-bit values and these need to be retrieved using two settings.

The database with parameters however, maps one-to-one. So, we work around this using a parameter on the "func" board. You query the func parameter, which runs some Perl to actually query two parameters, combines them and returns the result.