Awwww, Maven, you kill me, you really do!!

You maintain your Maven project its documentation in a simple XML dialect called xdocs. It's then transformed to HTML and copied to the project its website. A colleague updated documentation and then did a "maven multiproject:site site:deploy". He saw that the generated HTML documentation wasn't updated. Except it was. Look at the following source:

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  	<title>Release notes</title>
  <subsection name="SuperProject-2.5.2-build04.ear">
  <section name="Releases SuperProject">
  <subsection name="SuperProject-2.5.1-build01.ear">

Notice the error? The <section> tag is placed below the <subsection> tag. Why in hell this validates is unclear to me. Is it validated in the first place? TELL ME IT IS!! Another manhour or two wasted.