I've created another little Oddmuse module to display a Google Free Search or Adsense Search box on an Oddmuse wiki. I called this one google search.pl. The previous module, adsense.pl, displayed AdSense banners above pages.

Instead of (or in addition to) the usual search box, a Google search box can be put below every page. When an administrator is logged in and enters the Administration page, the normal Search & Replace boxes are shown.

To use this module on your Oddmuse wiki, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Google Free Search page and copy the code, or alternatively, copy the AdSense Search code
  2. Create a new page called GoogleSearch and paste the code you just copied.
  3. Lock the page; this piece of code will be added on top of every page on your Wiki
  4. Download the google search.pl module and upload it into your modules directory
  5. Go to your wiki or reload the page if necessary, and voilĂ , the new search box is shown!

If you want to have the normal Oddmuse search box shown, edit the module and set the variable $showOddmuseSearch to 1.