I've created a five-line Oddmuse module to display Google Adsense. I called her adsense.pl.

All it does is placing a piece of Javascript on the top of each page when the user is browsing (but not when editing a page, when using the administration screens et cetera).

To use, take the following steps:

  1. Login to your Adsense account, and copy the JavaScript code that's generated
  2. Create a new page called 'adsense' and paste the JavaScript code
  3. Lock the page if necessary; this piece of JavaScript will be added on top of every page on your Wiki
  4. Download the adsense.pl module and upload it into your modules directory
  5. Reload your home page, and voilĂ , your ad is shown! You might want to add a <div> or a <p align="center"> around your ad code.

There is a TODO list for this module, some of which I've already implemented.